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I'm So Glad We Were Able To Catch Up!

by VRHush


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I'm So Glad We Were Able To Catch Up!

180° 60 FPS
Studio: VRHush
Starring: Lisey Sweet
Nov 11, 2020
Positions: leaning, staying
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Lisey Sweet is your high school sweetheart and has always haunted your dreams. So many good memories from back when you both were horny teenagers. Some of your darkest desires were played out under the bleachers near the football field, in the backseat of your first car overlooking your small town and at your house when your parents were out of town. Those days seem long ago but guess who hit you up needing a place to stay while attending a convention in town? Your high school sweetheart, Lisey Sweet. Sure, she is married and this is just a place for her to crash but it has been great reconnecting nonetheless. Lisey Sweet stops by your bedroom before heading to the airport to say goodbye and thank you for letting her stay. Lisey did not stop by to just say goodbye though. She also remembers the incredible sex you both used to have and just cannot leave without another taste. Can you still be the stud you were back in the day? Time to relive your teenage fantasies and fuck Lisey Sweet's tight asshole like never before.

full video available for streaming.
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@Gato123  Ha! We can definitely see the resemblance as well. Lisey is such a beautiful woman who really lights up our set.
VRHush (9 days ago)
@burnbabyburn  we can make that happen. Hoping to have her back on set in January. Just got back from shooting an additional 16 scenes. Look forward to some of upcomming releases!
VRHush (9 days ago)
@kurtis316  we (VRHush Team) absolutely agree! Lisey was an absolute pleasure to work with as well. Hoping to have her back on set this coming January! I'll keep you posted!
VRHush (9 days ago)
WT mother fuckin F! Why does she only have two VR vids!? This woman is AMAZING, some of the best only have one or two vids, why? Love both the clothes and the lingerie, couldn't be dressed hotter. Lisey kills another scene, WOW.
kurtis316 (15 days ago)
@Gato123  That would be fuckin awesome too!!
kurtis316 (16 days ago)
For the love of god, more like this please!
burnbabyburn (17 days ago)
For a sec, I thought it was A Texas
Gato123 (17 days ago)
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