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Golden 7 Collection

by VRConk


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Golden 7 Collection

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This is NOT a SBS 3D video. It's flat, so basically it's a wide peripheral view of a 2D video. Some of the original videos (like Fuck and Furious Las Vegas Drift) were rendered in SBS 3D, but then when included in this compilation it was flattened. Actually several of VR Conk's videos are flat 2D. Pretty disappointing. Do they not know how to properly render in 3D?
Dupes2000 (3 days ago)
The conk was a hairstyle popular among African-American men from the 1920s to the 1960s. This hairstyle called for a man with naturally "kinky" hair to have it chemically straightened using a relaxer, so that the newly straightened hair could be styled in specific way.
myslrdeal0 (10 days ago)
Five hours of porn videos? That's kind of crazy.
mebejoe (11 days ago)
@l7DZn795MhkI  5 minute download :) https://i.imgur.com/PfFxnVE.png  
Rakly3 (15 days ago)
@l7DZn795MhkI  Indeed.
spritser (19 days ago)
@spritser  Not to mention the gigantic download size haha
l7DZn795MhkI (19 days ago)
Realy, almost 5 hours of VR Porn, wonder who will make it to the end!? Btw, this is not a compilation, its 7 full movies in one file, a compilation would be a re - eddit with the best parts ! , prefer that, what is the use of a 7 in one movie file of already released movies!?
spritser (20 days ago)
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